Heliport’s gear

Heliport’s Layout is designed so the whole band can record together to capture the maximum energy and vibe. All the rooms have been specifically designed and acoustically treated to get the absolute best performance out of the artist yet with maximum separation and audio quality.


With our purpose built Drum Room in combination with our amazing microphone collection, recording drums at Heliport means you will get one of the biggest and best drum sounds around. In fact no matter what instrument you play we have the best equipment and techniques to capture it.

Heliport brings World Class Studio recording to the Sunshine Coast and puts it within reach of local bands.  We also have access to talented session musicians should you need them.

What is even more amazing no matter what your budget, Heliport can tailor a recording package to suit.  Whether you are a band, solo artist or producer we can accommodate you through all stages of making a record, tracking, mixing and composition we can even mix project record elsewhere.


With comfortable kitchen facilities, couches to kick back on, and views to feed the soul, it is a great place to spend the day recording. And if you want to fly in by Helicopter, Heliport Studios has a full-size Helipad which is floodlit for night landings.


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