The Rain

The past few months have been exciting and hectic at the same time with the release of our new album ‘ONE MORE SHOT’, which has gained critical acclaim & acceptance from fans & the Country Music Industry alike.

All songs on the album are originals, penned by Lead Vocalist / Guitarist KEL CORK, produced by Drummer IAN BELCHER, and co-produced by Bassist GREG EASTWOOD. So from start to finish, the album is ‘home-grown’. The results of this collaboration are now being seen through volume sales of a product we are all very proud of. The album can be ordered through all LEADING EDGE, HMV & SANITY CD retail outlets or online through iTunes, Bigpond Music or Bandit FM.
Following the launch of the album, we released the first single ‘COLD COMFORT’ to National radio. This resulted in a huge increase in our fan base, and the name THE RAIN is now widely recognised as a musical force in the making.
The TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL was fantastic. We had a great time and met so many wonderful people from all over Australia. It was a pity that many people from Queensland, who would normally go to Tamworth couldn’t make it this year because of the devastating floods. You were certainly in our thoughts throughout the Festival. Greg’s sister in law and nephew in Brisbane were flooded out, as was Ian’s Aunty in Chinchilla who had the floods go through her place not once, but twice.
It was pretty full on, with twelve performances at major venues throughout the Festival, including Shopping Centres, Street stages, and a ‘meet & greet’ with Nick Erby at THE BIG GOLDEN GUITAR – a must see for all visitors to Tamworth. We were also fortunate to sell a heap of CD’s during the Festival. A bonus for us in relation to the Festival is that the single ‘COLD COMFORT’ was featured on the Compilation album that went out with every copy of the Official Guide to the 2011 Tamworth Country Music Festival (produced by Rural Press Events). It was an honour for THE RAIN to be included.
Immediately following URBAN, we’ll be releasing the second single off the album ‘LEAVE THE LIGHT ON’. In about mid May you could help us greatly by contacting your local FM radio station and request ‘LEAVE THE LIGHT ON’. We’re hoping that, through our combined efforts, we can push this song right up there in the National Country Music Charts.
That’s it from us for now; we look forward to seeing you in our travels, in the meantime you can check out our new Facebook page at or our You Tube video page If you like what you see, just click on the ‘LIKE’ button, or leave a comment.


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