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A unique Recording Studio Experience

Heliport Studios is a recording studio about an hour’s drive from Brisbane in Australia. Enjoy brilliant views of mountains and the Pacific Ocean when you record at Heliport Studios. We are situated on 56 acres of tropical rainforest, which offers a delightful environment for recording at its best.

Legendary Gear and the latest Technology
We bring our years of production and recording experience to each step of the process, so that you get the best of analogue and digital recording, regardless of the genre your music falls under. Our world class recording technique draws visitors from Sydney, Melbourne other locations throughout Australia, making us an excellent choice when it comes to recording music.

At Heliport Studios, we don’t just offer the latest in recording technology. Our equipment includes some of the most iconic recording gear from the last fifty years, with brands such as Solid State Logic, Neumann, RCA and Universal Audio. These help us to deliver excellence in recording and delivering the best sound for your project.

Recording or being the producer can be a tiring process, which is why we offer you a chance to relax and unwind in between sessions. Our studio has a variety of facilities that allow for some downtime in between recording. With a bar, pool table, kitchen facilities, comfortable couches and delightful views overlooking the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, you’ll feel right at home at Heliport Studios.

The music recording and production process can be daunting, particularly for those that have never recorded in a professional studio before. At Heliport Studios we are there for you every step of the way and offer our assistance in areas such as production, tracking, mixing, and composition.

Each recording will have different requirements, which is why we can offer a custom package that suits your recording needs. We know that being a band, solo artist or even a producer can become costly, and our aim is to give you the best quality recording and production possible for your budget.

At Heliport Studios we do more than just record. We help you to capture the energy, the vibe, and the passion that comes with creating music


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