SoundSauce Music Label Launch

SoundSauce our new label, music production, publishing and publicity business is about to go live. We are looking for new and talented artists, especially artists who have their own innovative styles. We are especially looking for artists who do their own production or are versatile enough to release on the charts and for radio, but also have work they want to sell for publishing and film and TV opportunities.

One of the points of Difference of SoundSauce is that we will also have our own in house production team that can help get our artists work across the line, and to a proper commercial standard. The production team is headed by James Russell, mix engineer, producer and studio director at Heliport Studios. The publicity, branding, social media and marketing department is run by Eleshah Jones who is also the founder of Creature Creative and photographer in her own right, which will come in handy as we will be taking a hands on approach to the development our band’s/artist’s image and branding. The newest member of the team is Tom Walker who is currently studying at the Brisbane Conservatory, training as James’s assistant engineer and being a millennial is right across all the new web applications and thinking for social media marketing and playlist utilisation.

The SoundSauce website will be going live this week and their will also be a Youtube channel to go with it that will be an amazing resource for aspiring producers and musicians, featuring artist interviews, tutorials with informative vodcasts and webinars.

We already have a great stable of artists that are already on the label, so check them out at

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