Fight Ibis Nazi Art premieres on Triple J

Congratulations to the boys from Fight Ibis premiering on Triple J this week.  Nazi Art is their second single from their forthcoming Ep, which has spiked the interest of the scene and attracted many listeners due to their laid back yet infectious garage rock

grooves and funky riffs…


Here is an excerpt from the Tone deaf article about the release…

Up-and-coming Qld four-piece Fight Ibis are having a heck of a good run at the moment, being named on the bill for big events such as BIGSOUND and Jungle Love Music & Arts Festival recently, and now they’re proving they’re well worth the hype with their second single, Nazi Art.

Nabbing its online premiere with today, Nazi Art is a deeply funky expedition into Fight Ibis’ irreverent brand of psych-rock goodness, its casual strut and immediate infectiousness seeing their name increasingly compared with our country’s other great loosey-goosey wild-men, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, by more than a few folks.

The tune was produced and recorded by James Russell, at Heliport Studios, and follows their debut cut, Dorothy Deadleg, which earned them swift recognition from the boffins at triple j as well as picking up spot rotation. The growing buzz around the band will help buoy them towards the release of their debut EP, which they’re currently finishing work on ahead of its release in the near future.

Oh, and in case you’re (justifiably) a bit suss on the title, the band have explained themselves:

“We wrote this song in a drunken stupor on a GarageBand piano, transposed it to guitar and called it Nazi Art because the name was catchy. It has nothing to do with Nazis and we don’t actually like Nazis … but it gets the job done. It’s a track about ex-girlfriends, nuns and monsters from beneath the sand.”

The boys are just about to set off on a big ol’ east-coast tour in support of the new release, kicking off in Brisbane next Tuesday, 14 August. Along with their spot at BIGSOUND among it all, they’ve got further dates lined up at the Sunshine Coast, in Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Newtown, Newcastle, Katoomba, Sydney, Yamba, Port Macquarie, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Mackay and Airlie Beach, where they close out in style at Magnums on Saturday 30 September.

With a strong early catalogue and increasing reputation for their energetic, eclectic live shows — they played 50 gigs in their first year alone, an impressive number for an emergent indie band — it’s exciting to see Fight Ibis already starting to go on to big things so early in their career, and we’d heartily recommend you make the effort to get in at the ground floor.

Give Nazi Art a spin below, and see theGuide for a full rundown of tour dates, venues and other details.


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