Dazed Debut At The Triffid

Looking for a band that live and breathe all things Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Dazed n’ Confused have barraged onto the Australian music scene with their first single Cigarettes, Cheap wine and Rock n’ Roll.  This one is filled with admissible life lyrics, solid rock riffs and crazy drums reminiscent of rock icons Gunz n’ Roses.  Their recent debut show at The Triffid, Brisbane was just a taste of what’s to come.  This is definitely one up and coming band you want to take notice of.

The Brisbane based 4 piece formed in January 2017 and although this band may be in it’s infancy you’d never know it by their engaging live shows and I don’t give a f*@# attitude. Front man and rhythm guitarist Gorge Mundell sums up the bands aspirations by saying

“Our goal is to bring the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle back to listeners because we live and breathe it, simple as that”

This is a band that takes pride in writing solos and riffs to actually call solos and riffs! With songs ranging from laid back rockabilly twang such as Cigarettes, Cheap Wine and Rock n’ Roll through to hard hitting rock ballads with roaring vocals these boys are putting their own distinctive brand on rock n’ roll.

George ‘Mundy’ Mundell harnesses his own feelings and experiences on big nights out and current world events to create Dazed n’ Confused’s lyrical content.

“I try to write about things people can relate to, so they stop and go “Oh yeah, I get what he’s singing about, that’s happened to me”

After picking up a guitar at just 10 years of age performing has always been something that ignites this lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist’ fire.Lead guitarist ‘Sticks’ aka George Bellinger’s quirky disposition adds fun to Dazed n’ Confused’s live shows.  90s rock is a key influencer for the songwriter/ guitarist, but he also relishes jazz, blues and country and music greats including The Sex Pistols and The Stones.  Henry Brodie has had a crash course since picking up the bass a few months ago, he loves it and has never looked back.  Influenced by the metal and punk scenes from an early age drummer Mark Harris has been hitting the kit for over 13 years and thrives on the vibe of a live audience.

Moving forward these modern rock ‘n’ rollers have plans to tour the Australian East Coast and aspire to record quality expressive albums.

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