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Heliport Studios would like to congratulate The Fragile Animals for their win of the ‘Pineapple Triple J Unearthed’competition.  This indie rock group was announced as the winners of Triple J’s ‘Unearthed’competition and will open the Big Pineapple Music Fest later this month. They are currently tracking at Heliport right now and being produced by Elliot Heinrich.

We would also like to congratulateanother one of our artists, Flaskas, whose latest single Feeling the Rhythm,is going great guns. It premiered on Triple J’sRoots and All show and is sitting at #6 on the Amrap charts. Flaskasfull Ep is due for releasenlater this year (produced by James Russell).


Flaskasalso headlined the Commonwealth Games Festival of Championson the Sunshine Coast Last month to welcome the athletes and Heliportproduced a cool video to showcase the performance.


Acknowledgement also goes to local lads High Tropicswho have been getting lots of love on the Apple Musicand Spotifystreaming platforms.

Check out the links below and show the crew some love.



Fragile Animals


High Tropics






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