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Heliport’s gear list features some of the most iconic music equipment from the last fifty years of recording and includes names like Neumann, Solid State Logic, RCA and Universal Audio – brands that are synonymous with great tone and sound and names that professional producers and artists demand.

We are always updating and acquiring new gear we can also get hold of many other units if required


1 x Neumann Vintage U67
1 x Neumann Vintage U87
1 x Neumann Vintage U87i
1 x RCA 77 (original 1958)
1 x Wunder Audio CM7 Valve (U47 equivalent)
2 x Beez Neez Jade producer series
4 x Beez Neez Lulu Fet series
1 x Royer 121 Ribbon Mic
2 x Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics
3 x Shure SM57 Dynamic Mics
3 x Sennheiser MD 421 Dynamic mics
1 x Audix D6 Dynamic Mic
1 x Audix I5 Dynamic Mic
2 x AKG 451 matched Pencil Condensers
1 x AKG D112 Dynamic Mic
2 x AKG C414 XL II
1 x Shure Beta 91 PZM Mic
1 x Shure SM7 Mic
1 x Electro Voice RE20 Mic
2 x Studio Projects C3 (Large Diaphragm Condensers)
1 x Shure 520DX
2 x Yamaha Sub‐Kick Mic System

Outboard & Hardware
1 x 48 / 48 Ch SSL Duality with full DAW control and G/E series EQ plus Dynamics
1 x 24 Channel Studer A827 2 inch Tape Machine
48 Ch’s of Lynx Aurora I/O (A/D & D/A converters ‐ capable of 24 Bit 192k)
1 x Digidesign HD3 Accel system (48 Ch of I/O) (Pro‐Tools 9 + Plug‐ins pack)
1 x Mac Pro 8 Core (8 Gig Ram etc) Computer ‐ OSX Leopard 10.5.7
2 x Barefoot Micromain MM27′s
2 x Yamaha NS10 Studio’s
1 x Hafler Trans Nova 2000 (Ns10 Amp)
2 x Focal Twins plus Mono Sub (Main Monitoring in Control Room)
2 x Avantone Active’s
4 x Neve 1073 LB’s
4 x API 512C
1 x Universal Audio Teletronix LA‐2A Valve Compressor
2 x Universal Audio Teletronix LA‐3A Valve Compressor
1 x Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor
1 x Inner Tube Audio Squeeze Box (mono) Valve Compressor
2 x Empirical Labs Distressors
1 x Empirical Labs Fatso
2 x Dbx 160VU’s
1 x Dbx263x De Esser
2 x SPL De Esser’s
1 x Aviom A1611 Hearback system
1 x JLM Modded Chameleon Labs Stereo Compressor (7720)
1 x vintage Lexicon 480L Reverb (Dual Ch for 2 sends)
1 x Bricasti M7
1 x Universal Audio UAD2 Quad with Plug Ins
1 x Millenia TD‐1 Twin Direct (DI)
1 x pair of Avantone speaker cubes
1 x Alessis RA‐500 Amp
1 x Smart Research Smart Di Deluxe
6 x pairs of Headphones (Beyer, Sennheiser & Extreme Isolation)

Gear available (on request)

1x Yamaha Baby Grand G1 Piano (Tuning at clients expense)
1 x Nord Stage 88 Key piano Keyboard
1 x DW Eco-X Drum Kit
1 x Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 5.5″ Snare
1 x Fender Bassman 135 head
1 x Vox AC15
1 x Fender Deluxe
1 x Ashdown Bass head
1 x Marshall 50 Guitar Amp,
1 x Gibson SG AC/DC reissue
1 x Gibson Les Paul 1960 reissue
1 x Fender Stratocaster guitar
1 x Fender Stratocaster Custom guitar
1 x Fender Telecaster
1 x Ibanez Joe Satriani guitar
1’x Gibson J-200 Country Acoustic
1 x Martin D45 guitar
1 x Akai APC40 Midi Controller
1 x Axiom Pro 61 Key Midi Keyboard


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