What we do


Heliport Studios is a new breed of recording studio and production house, if it is Audio or Video we can create it for you. We can build your creation from the ground up and then help you get it to market, and guide you on the best marketing strategies to promote it.  These days making music or a video is only the beginning of the journey, you then have to find a way to stand out and get people to see it amongst the sea of content out there, especially on the internet.

At Heliport we can help you through every step of the way through this process from the first demo to the final recording and beyond.  We have the production processes to turn your raw idea into a world-class commercial product and then get it to the market. With industry standard production practices, cutting edge techniques and the right marketplace connections.

If its music you want to produce, we can assist through the whole process, and help you reach your target audience.

We also do Video.  We can do filming, editing, animation, titling, sound overdubbing and ADR, Foley and other sound recording, we can even help you with storyboarding, script and storyline development and even directing.

Audio and video productions are an essential way to convey any message and these days that is needed for so many applications. It doesn’t matter what you selling chances are Audio and Video will feature somewhere in your PR or promotion strategy. Although Heliport specializes in music recording and film clip production for bands and other artists, we also do corporate work.  The production of Audio and Video is language and can be used to say anything or convey any message from the art-oriented creations to a slick corporate promotional video.

Music Production


The process of recording instruments and compiling the raw recording sessions, each instrument can have multi microphone set ups and numerous overdubs.

At Heliport we have state of the art equipment that along with a constant evolution of ergonomics and workflow has created the ultimate environments to record almost any form of contemporary music, we are also fortunate enough to be one of the few studios left that can do live tracking or record multiple band members at once.


The sessions are then edited for timing, tuning and any other discrepancies, then balanced with and cleaned up ready for mixing.

On top of the state of the art set up at Heliport, what sets us apart is the processes we have developed over the years.  We get the highest quality product in the most efficient timeframe, basically for the client “the best bang for their buck.”


Balancing each individual track and its instruments, using Eq, compression and effects to create a cohesive piece of music.

Heliport Studios offers two kinds of mixing, a mix style know as” In the Box” mixing meaning a mix done wholly inside the computer, the most common style of mixing these days a large majority of songs heard on the radio these days are mixed this way, and it is hardly distinguishable to hardware or console mixing.

Types of Mixing

Hardware or Console mixing is the other style of mixing and is a process that has been used to finish records since the sixties. At the Helm of the Heliport mixing set up is the SSL Duality the latest console developed by SSL which is revered a the worlds best mixing console company, it is said that more hit record have been mixed on an SSL than any other mixing console in history, bands like Guns and Roses , U2, Metallica, Coldplay, and many more have all been mixed on an SSL as far as studio mixes it is the Holy Grail, if you want the classic big studio sounding mix, get it done on an SSL. As far as SSL consoles go the best sounding mix board you can get nowadays is the new flagship The Duality.


We also will be offering a mastering service once Studio B is up and running.

Creative Music Production

On top of the standard engineering and recording, Heliport Studios offers a creative service to help write from scratch or produce a song that isn’t fully developed. James Russell and Elliot Heinrich have a lot of creative projects under their belts, both as a team and independently, they specialize in developing a raw song sometimes just acoustic and vocal) for commercial release.

Whether it is melody, arrangement, lyrics or a little magic in the mix, this production team knows just what to do, to give a project the edge and sell it to the target audience.

  • Pre production and demoing
  • Writing and composition
  • Arrangement
  • Lyrics, harmonies and other top line
  • Melody and an accompaniments


Heliport Studio’s has it own graphic design department and can help develop your all-important brand.  These days if you are a solo artist, a band or any other client, you need to present what you’re selling to the market place in a cohesive, clear and concise fashion, that stays on and conveys the right message, even if that brand is you.  All to often bands or artists spend a lot of time developing their music and coming up with a great recording, but forget about their marketing and image.  Most successful bands have a defined publicity strategy and image they sell.  So when someone thinks of them or mentions their name you get a definite vibe on the bands message and what they are about.

Heliport Studios can help you develop this image and promotion strategy and because we have already been on the recording journey with you , we know what the band is about, what they are saying and how to make their image reflect that. 

We can do-

  • CD Covers and Album art
  • Press kits and promo posters
  • Logos and graphic design
  • Facebook and social media content
  • Website and advertising development

Film and Video

These days nearly every commercially released music has to have a film clip to go with it, if it is to get plays on Rage or Youtube, and to go along with it bands have to find a way to connect with their audience like never before, and that also holds true for anyone else selling a product as well. One of the best best ways to do this is through video. Whether it is a documentary giving the audience an insights and behind the scenes access, or a straight promotional teaser or trailer,

These formats have become invaluable marketing tool.

Soundtracking and Audio dubbing

writing, composing, recording and dubbing the audio soundtracks for clients, from ads right through to feature films.

Voice Over

Recording for Film and TV this has many commercial applications

Logo and Title animation

Logo design and opening title animations for businesses wanting to add professional branding to their ads, promos and Youtube videos.

Post Production

video editing and compilation, doing the final cut for any video work

TV show and promotion video, production and broadcast

The out put of finished programs to media outlets, but TV and online.

Online Production services

We also have the ability to do these services and upload them via the web, so you can be anywhere in the word and we can create work for you.



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