Studio A

Studio A

Studio A is the main studio at Heliport, and has 5 acoustic spaces attached to it’s Control room all with connector boxes and line of sight for each artist/ band member, the separation between each space combined with the Aviom headphone units, means that studio A has the perfect set up to record a whole band all together or Live but with all the separation of tracking individually, which means projects tracked at Heliport have all the energy and excitement of a band that plays together, but with none of the spill issues one would get if the trying to track a band in a large non isolated studio.


At the helm of the control room is the famous SSL Duality, Solid state Logics flagship sound console and some the best sounding console since the G series, the Duality has all the character of a classic SSL analogue console but with the added bonus of the Duality being a digital control surface as well.


As well the console Studio A has a outboard list of all the classics Universal Audio 1176, La2a and La3a’s. Legendary Pre amps and compressors of Neve, API, La Chappell and more.


That coupled with a microphone cupboard containing some of the greatest classic mics in history, classic condensers, dynamics and ribbons such as Neumann, RCA, Coles, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, BeezNeez, Audix, and more.


Heliport also has numerous in house instruments and gear available, from guitars to keys and even in house drums from DW.

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